Washing Up Liquid Residue


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Washing Up Liquid Residue


Product Details

  • Each 2ml bottle contains just enough washing up liquid residue to wash up that forgotten cup on top of the microwave.
  • Comes with a pipette for refilling.


Warning: The Washing Up Liquid Residue contained inside the bottle will have probably evaporated by the time it reaches you, making the whole process pointless. Why not buy two?!




In the event of a forgotten cup emergency simply follow this step-by-step guide…


  1. Take out your bottle of Washing Up Liquid Residue from a cupboard or shoebox
  2. Transport the residue onto your washing up sponge using the included pipette
  3. Wash the cup up
  4. Put the cup away in a cupboard or shoebox
  5. Refill your Washing Up Liquid Residue bottle ready for next time


How to refill your Washing Up Liquid Residue bottle ready for next time…


  1. Fill your washing up bowl with warm water
  2. Add some washing up liquid from your main bottle
  3. Waft your sponge around in the suds for 8/10 minutes
  4. Squeeze some suds from the sponge onto a nearby saucer or cupped hand
  5. Transport the washing up liquid residue into the bottle with the included pipette
  6. Wipe up any excess spillage with an Elliot Mason t-shirt or paper towelette (not included)
  7. Turn the light off and leave the kitchen


The whole process shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes max.



Isn’t it time you had an emergency washing up liquid residue container thing plus refilling pipette?

Of course it is, what a stupid question. *slams door and runs upstairs to bed*