The Day They Turned Jif To Cif


The debut album of debut albums



The Day They Turned Jif To Cif

The Day They Turned Jif to Cif is the official entry of Elliot Mason’s brainwaves into the world. Never less than completely sympathetic to all his characters and their idiosyncrasies and worries, this album takes a lighter and comic look at what really bothers the people of England: moths on tellies, soap dispenser troubles, franchise confusion, identity fraud, and of course, Milton Keynes. Oh, and there’s a guy with an eyeball on his knee. In the words of Elliot Mason: “Buy my CD!”.



 1. Introduction

 2. The Day They Turned Jif To Cif

 3. Washing Up Liquid Residue

 4. Someone Else

 5. I Taped The Wrong Side

 6. Eyeball Knee

 7. The Day I Bought A Stamp

 8. Moth On Me Telly

 9. Milton Keynes

10. Never Going Back Again

11. My Ford Mondeo



Original Release Year: 2010

Repackaged Remastered Reissue Date: 2015

Album Artwork Design: Jamie Lenman

Mastering: Nick at Fluid Mastering

Record Label: Masonic Boom Records



CD Version Includes: A beautifully produced 8 page mini-newspaper lyric sheet to sing a long to, Free uk postage, An enchanting free badge to wear to Royal events etc, PLUS the MP3 album download



MP3 Download Version Includes: The Mp3 Album download. I know I was surprised too.