Life Is Like A Movie

A funny song about life

Camera – Mike Fordham



Life is like a movie

It costs about £8

You sit there in the darkness

And listen to the sounds


You buy a bag of popcorn

And watch the flashing lights

You tut when someone’s talking

Then walk out in the night


You get into your parked car

And drive on up the road

You talk about the movie

Then drive further up the road


You park outside your building

And walk inside the house

You make a cup of coffee


And that is how life is like a movie

Well maybe not exactly like a movie


Yeah sorry about that I got a bit distracted

Talking about going to the movies and that

You really wanna know what life is?

Well let me tell you…


Life is like a building

With automatic doors

You walk into a foyer

And glide across the floor


You go and buy a ticket

Off the lady in the booth

Then someone else tears your ticket

And shows you to a room


You stumble in the darkness

And try to find a seat

There’s something rather sticky

Underneath your feet


Then someone turns a screen on

And you watch it with your eyes

And you go home when it’s over


And now I’ve started talking about the movies again

Even though I was supposed to be telling you about how life is like a building


Oh sod it

Words & Music by Elliot Mason