Doors Doors Doors

A song about doors

Video by Elliot Mason & Mike Fordham


4 seconds of this video is shown repeatedly on Channel 4’s Rudetube despite the fact it’s not rude, and it doesn’t have a tube in it.

Still that’s nice ay.

Doors doors doors

Doors doors doors

Lovely doors


You can open them up

Close them again

Keep them ajar if your expecting a friend

Oh what a drafty world this would be

Without doors doors doors


You can paint ’em a colour

Or leave ’em alone

You can buy one in B&Q in store or by phone

But make sure you don’t buy the wrong size

Oh doors, doors, doors


If you didn’t have a door you’d be stuck in your room

Unless you climbed out of a window

You couldn’t get into the toilet at all

You’d have to wee into a corner


Oh they fill up a hole in the side of your house

They keep out gorillas and even a mouse

You can put in a flap for your cat though

Oh doors doors doors


Some of them have a little peephole thing

And you can spy on the postman

And see what he brings

But watch out if he posts something heavy

Cos it might hurt your foot foot foot


Oh Argos and Currys and Wilkinsons too

Are accessed by going through a doorway

They have them all over in Belgium and Spain

And one or two over in Norway


Well there’s five on my car not including the bonnet

Is a bonnet a door or a lid? Oh well sod it

I’m fond of a lid but I’m rather more partial to


Doors doors doors

Doors doors doors

Doors doors doors

Lovely doors



from ‘The Elliot Mason Show Album’

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Words & Music by Elliot Mason

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